Reopening Schools: CPS COVID-19 Signage

Important Information Regarding CPS’ COVID-19 Signage
As we welcome our students and teachers back into school buildings for in-person learning, we’re continuing to take a closer look at the
new health and safety practices CPS has implemented to protect our school communities.
To make the transition to hybrid learning as easy as possible, CPS has installed nearly 1.5 million new signs and stickers across 600
campuses to serve as reminders about health and safety protocols everyone must follow in school buildings:
       ● At entrances and exits, signage will clarify new entrance procedures.
       ● In the hallways, signs will be posted on the walls and stickers placed on the floor to facilitate social                        distancing and direct traffic flow.
        ● In classrooms they will be used as a reminder to maintain social distancing and sanitize when necessary.             In restrooms they will reinforce proper handwashing technique.
You can learn more about the CPS reopening plan at and catch up on all community updates here.
For technology questions about the health screener or any other technical issue, call CPS Parent Tech Support Hotline at 773-417-1060.
For all other questions, call your child’s school or the Healthy CPS Hotline at 773-553-KIDS (5437) or email
Thank you for your continued support.