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Library Resources

Library Hours
Monday - Friday: 8:30am to 3:45pm

Circulation Policy - Students
Books (up to four books) 
Loan period:  2 weeks
Renewal period:  2 weeks
Overdue fines:  .10 per day to a maximum of $3.00
Audiobooks (one audiobook)
Loan period:  1 week
Renewal period:  1 week
Overdue fines:  .10 per day to a maximum of $3.00

Circulation Policy - Teachers
Books: no limit
AV: no limit
Loan period: length of the project period
Library Rules for Students
  • The library is a place for reading, studying, and computer usage. Please enter the library quietly and speak softly.
  • You must have an ID visible to enter the library.
  • You must have a pass to use the library during your lunch time and your class.
  • Please drop all book bags and backpacks in the cart by the entry door.
  • No gum, food or drinks are allowed in the library or at the computers.
  • Cell phone use is not allowed.
ALL students are welcome in the library. Please return all materials to the circulation desk.
Any students not in compliance with CPS Internet Acceptable Use Policy will lose computer privileges.

All school rules apply.

Thank you for your cooperation and please enjoy the library.