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Service Learning

Graduation Requirement

Starting with the class of 2020, students are no longer required to complete 40 hours of community service as part of the community service graduation requirement. Instead, students are required to complete 2 service learning projects, both of which will take place in class and will be graded as assignments. One project must take place in civics class, and the other one can take place in any other class.

What is a Service Learning Project?

In order to qualify as a Service Learning project, an in-class experience must include the following components:

  • Preparation - Students prepare for their service by learning about the issue, building their skills and knowledge, and developing an action plan for service.
  • Action - Students engage in meaningful service by working on a project that will make a difference in their community and is tied to their classroom curriculum.
  • Reflection - Teachers enable students to analyze and make sense of their experience through discussion, journaling, and presentation opportunities.
Please contact Ms. Ford, Uplift's service learning coordinator, at Please also feel free to check out the CPS Service Learning Page with more details and FAQs here.