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The mission of the school counseling program at Uplift Community High School is to encourage students to become critical, creative thinkers and conscientious individuals by nurturing academic achievement, providing a sense of belonging and self-confidence to all students, preparing students for post-secondary success by cultivating skills in ethical decision making and social responsibility, and keeping social justice and equity at the forefront of our practice.

We envision a school that works hard for and genuinely cares for its students, students who are mindful and confident, and a community that recognizes Uplift as a hub of culture and education.


Meet Your Counselor

Hello! My name is Kate Ford and I am the school counselor at Uplift Community High School. My job is to provide support to students academically, emotionally, and with college/career prep. Feel free to email me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions as to what I can do to make Uplift the best place it can be.

Katherine Ford


8:00AM - 3:45PM | Monday - Friday

My office will be open to students/parents/teachers/visitors from 8am-3:45pm, M-F, at a minimum. Students need a pass from their teacher if they need to leave class to visit me, but are free to drop in before or after school, or during lunch. Parents and visitors, please email me with at least 24 hours notice if you would like to come by in person to talk. I cannot guarantee that I will be available for unexpected guests.


Social & Emotional Support

The Behavioral Health Team at Uplift is a group of mental health professionals who discuss interventions and plans for students struggling emotionally, and refer students for individual counseling, group counseling, and one-on-one support. If you would like to refer a student to the BHT for additional support, please contact Ms. Ford at

Embracing the Therapeutic Power of Art

Witness the transformative power of art as it bridges cultures, sparks conversations, and inspires change. Explore our state-of-the-art art studios, witness the guidance and mentorship of our experienced faculty, and discover how Uplift provides a nurturing environment for artistic exploration and expression. 


School Closure Resources

Please check out this list of resources for support with difficulties related to school closure & the COVID-19 pandemic, such as crisis lines, food and housing support, and mental health services.

Remote Learning Individual Support

Our school counselor and school social workers are available during school day hours (8:30am-3:30pm) to have one-on-one video chats or calls via Google Meet with students who are struggling. Students, please email Ms. Ford or Ms. Marcotte ( to schedule an appointment.
Free SEL Resources

In-School Support


BAM (Becoming A Man) Small Group


Chronic Stress Small Group


Loss / Trauma Small Group


Mindfulness Small Group


Peace Circles


Check-in / Check-out


Individual Therapy


Individual Counseling


Psychiatric Evaluation

Prepare for Post Secondary Success

Learn Plan Succeed

Uplift Community High School's Counseling Department believes that every student can succeed in their post-secondary life and find the college and/or career of their dreams. We believe that there is no one 'right' pathway for students to take, but a myriad of opportunities that will help our students find fulfillment and joy.

Learn Plan Succeed is a Chicago Public Schools graduation requirement that states that each student must leave high school with a concrete post-secondary plan. Students must provide proof of pursuing one of the following pathways:


2 Year College or University

Uplift_icon_grad cap

4 Year College or University


Part Time or Full Time Employment

Uplift_icon_learn on job

Apprenticeship / Job Training Program


Gap Year Program

Uplift_icon_military badge

Military Enlistment

Seniors must provide Ms. Ford with concrete proof of one of these pathways by the end of April in order to graduate in June. Information on what counts as concrete proof will be sent out to students at the beginning of second semester.
For more information on Learn Plan Succeed, click below.

Post Secondary Resources


Your go-to spot to learn about college/career possibilities, search for info about colleges, and request transcripts for schools that you apply to.

College Search / Applications

AWESOME website for finding the right school for you--search by location, size and programs offered.

Fill out one application and send it to many schools! A number of popular schools require you to apply via the Common App, such as DePaul, UIC and Bradley.

Financial Aid

You and your parent/guardian need to make an FSA ID first in order to complete the FAFSA.


National scholarships. Fill out a profile and you will be matched with scholarships you are eligible for.

Similar to College Greenlight, but includes scholarships specifically for CPS students! This is the best website for CPS students to access and apply for scholarships.


Use the CB website to see your SAT scores, send scores to schools, register to re-take the test, and join your AP classes.


High School Course Requirements for College Sports

Register here for athletics at smaller colleges/universities


Students in Temporary Living Situations

CPS protects the educational rights of homeless students and ensures they receive all the services, programs, and activities provided to students who live in permanent housing.

For students who do not live in permanent housing, attending school and staying on track for their grade can present challenges on many levels and across different areas. CPS schools and networks provide assistance in removing these barriers to qualified Students in Temporary Living Situations (STLS), including the provisions of services such as transportation, school uniforms, school supplies, fee waivers, and referrals to community resources.

To find out if your student and family are eligible for STLS services, contact Ms. Ford, the STLS Liaison at Uplift. For more information on the STLS Program in CPS, click below

Resources for Homeless Students & Families

Please see the following forms for the rights of homeless students and relevant resources

Graduation Requirement

Service Learning

Starting with the class of 2020, students are no longer required to complete 40 hours of community service as part of the community service graduation requirement.

Instead, students are required to complete 2 service learning projects, both of which will take place in class and will be graded as assignments. One project must take place in civics class, and the other one can take place in any other class.

What is a Service Learning Project?

In order to qualify as a Service Learning project, an in-class experience must include the following components:


Students prepare for their service by learning about the issue, building their skills and knowledge, and developing an action plan for service.


Students engage in meaningful service by working on a project that will make a difference in their community and is tied to their classroom curriculum.


Teachers enable students to analyze and make sense of their experience through discussion, journaling, and presentation opportunities.


Please contact Ms. Ford, Uplift's service learning coordinator, at Please also feel free to check out the CPS Service Learning Page with more details and FAQs below.​​

Need Help

Meet With Ms. Ford

I'm available 8:00am - 3:45 on Mondays - Fridays. To set up a time to meet, email me at