Modernizing Education

Preparing the Whole Child for Success In

College, Career, & Life

At Uplift, we focus on 21st-century skills that transcend the classroom. Our modernized approach to education focuses on the whole child by providing a high-quality and well-rounded education that includes Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM), Social Justice, Project-Based Learning (PBL), Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), and more. At Uplift, we're not only preparing kids for college or a career, but we're preparing them for life.

With STEAM, learning is fluid, interactive, & collaborative
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Get Early College support with AP & Dual Credit Classes
With Project-Based Learning we are Student-Centered
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The Benefits of (SEL)

Social & Emotional Learning

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is a process through which people learn to manage emotions, solve problems, and build positive relationships with others. An increasing number of studies have found that SEL skills students to achieve success in school, in careers, and beyond.

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"If we're not helping our students imagine a world of greater democracy and greater justice that they themselves can fight for, we're not doing the job we set out to do."

Uplift Teacher

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We Demand

Equality in Education

We are committed to providing our students with socially just education. We believe every child deserves to feel physically and psychologically safe and secure. We are dedicated to ensuring that our students have access to the resources they need to succeed.





Why Uplift

Discover why Uplift is the perfect choice for your educational journey. Experience a nurturing and inclusive environment where every student is valued and supported. Witness our passionate and dedicated faculty who provide personalized attention and guidance. Explore our cutting-edge facilities and resources that enhance the learning experience. Learn about our comprehensive academic programs and enriching extracurricular activities. Join us at Uplift to unlock your potential and shape a bright future.

Pouring Into Our Kids

What Is New at Uplift

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$15K Sound Booth

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3D Printers

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Press Machine

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Musical Instruments Provided

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Working with 3D Artwork

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Ceramics Wheel & Kiln

Empowered Through Modern Technology

Innovation Lab

Our Innovation Lab is a space where students can come to learn and create. It includes Microsoft Surface Studios, HoloLenses, 3D Printing Machines, and much more that will equip our future innovators with fundamental technological skills needed for success.

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Making an Impact

Inclustion & Self Contained Classes

Inclusion classes allow our cluster kids to socialize, learn, and grow alongside their peers. In contrast, Self-Contained courses offer a more focused and individualized learning environment allowing students to receive the specific instruction and attention they need to succeed.

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Giving Our Students

An Opportunity to Grow

Our students develop essential life skills through these activities, such as teamwork, communication, and leadership. Additionally, they can learn how to overcome challenges and set and achieve goals.

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Community Projects

We are proud to partner with organizations like Kuumba Lynx and Lincoln Park Zoo to give our kids an opportunity to help raise awareness about social issues and to showcase their creative talents while letting their caring voices be heard.


Uplift Athletics

We want all of our students to lead active and healthy lives, so we offer a variety of athletic activities throughout the academic year. Basketball, volleyball, football, and track are just some of the sports students can participate in.

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Student Clubs

Our school offers a variety of afterschool activities and clubs to appeal to the interests of all students, including Theatre, Gender Alliance, and Finance, to name only a few.

We Are Proud to Be A

Sustainable "Grassroots" Community School

Uplift is a Sustainable Community School, 1 of only 20 in the city of Chicago. As a Sustainable Community School, Uplift receives $500K annually to help achieve targeted student results.


Increased Academic Success


Improved Student Engagement


Enhanced Family & Community Engagement

The belief about Sustainable Community Schools is that they are grown from the grassroots up so they reflect the interests, needs, and values of the community they serve and seek to transform education beginning there.

Our Sustainable Community Schools Model

6 Pillars of Practice


Curricula is engaging, culturally relevant & challenging


Emphasis on high quality teaching, not high-stakes testing


Wraparound supports & opportunities


Possitive discipline practices like restorative justice & SEL supports


Authentic parent & community engagement


Inclusive School Leadership

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